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Remote Start Specials!!!
Remote Start Specials!!!
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    Drone X1-Max

    Original price $199.99 - Original price $199.99
    Original price
    $199.99 - $199.99
    Current price $199.99

    Remote start, GPS, and security by phone

    Wouldn't it be great to control your car's remote starter and security system with your smartphone from almost anywhere? The Drone X1-MAX-LTE module from Firstech makes that happen, and much more. Compatible with over 90% of vehicles on the road, it works with your iDatastart aftermarket remote start system, uses an AT&T 4G LTE wireless network connection, and requires a subscription from DroneMobile. You can use the DroneMobile app with almost any smart device, including watch, tablet, and laptop — iOS or Android.

    Smartphone control

    You can start and stop your vehicle, unlock and lock the doors, and access any other function your security system controls like overhead lights and flashers. You can control (and track) your vehicle from anywhere, as long as both you and your vehicle are connected to the DroneMobile network.

    On-board security sensors

    Built-in security sensors detect shock, tilt, glass-break, and towing, triggering your vehicle's security alarms, and sending you a security alert via DroneMobile. An onboard lithium-ion battery provides backup power and sends you an alert when the car battery gets disconnected.


    GPS tracking locates your vehicle using DroneMobile Maps. Features include History Log, which reviews past activity and shows if any alerts were triggered; Points of Interest, which lets you know when you're approaching any POIs; and Curfew Alerts, the bane of many an after-hours teenage driver.

    Can also stand alone as a GPS locator

    Maybe you just want to know exactly where your vehicle is — whether you can never remember where you parked or you want to keep an eye on your teen's whereabouts. Even if you don't have a remote start system, the Drone X1 can work as a vehicle locater, finding your vehicle as long as it is within service distance. There's even a OBD harness available that simplifies the installation of the module as a stand-alone GPS locator for a vehicle without a remote start system.

    Service levels and subsription rates

    There are four levels of subscription plans: Basic (no GPS), Premium, Premium Plus, and Ultimate, with an increasing number of features as you step up. Prices start as low as $3.99 per month, but vary considerably according to plan and length of service. Go to for more details.


    Product highlights:

    • connects your smartphone to your aftermarket security or remote start system
    • uses AT&T 4G LTE wireless network connection
      • alternate Verizon network connection available with optional SIM card
    • compatible with iDatastart remote start systems
    • compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, watches, and laptops
    • DroneMobile subscription required
    • Unlimited range when phone and car are both connected to network
    • Smartphone Control:
      • remote start/stop, lock/unlock, monitor security, receive alerts, and more
    • GPS (Premium, Premium Plus, and Ultimate plans only):
      • functions include locating, tracking, curfew alerts, history log, and more
    • Security:
      • built-in security sensors detect shock, tilt, glass-break, and towing
      • when triggered, they activate your vehicle's security alarms and send you an alert via Drone Mobile
      • built-in lithium-ion backup battery triggers alert when car battery is cut off
    • warranty: 1 year
    • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
    • MFR # X1MAX-LTE