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Remote Start Specials!!!
Remote Start Specials!!!
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    seura 24x36 mirror Touch Diplay

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    Welcome to better vanity lighting.
    Séura lighted mirrors combine design and function to bring bright, natural light to the space you need it most: the bathroom vanity. Find the right lighted vanity mirror to see yourself more clearly and feel better every day.

    See yourself in the best light
    Séura lighted vanity mirrors create the best environment for make-up application or that last check before you go out into the world.

    Light is evenly distributed across the face, allowing you to apply makeup with precision without working around shadows.

    90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs provide the best color-accurate light for bathroom tasks.

    Color temperature of 3000K offers comfortable, clear and enhancing light.

    NEW Custom Touch Control Options
    All custom touch control options require On/Off + Dimming

    Touch Control Dimming
    Curate the desired atmosphere in your home with one touch. Séura’s most advanced mirrors feature a capacitive touch button to conveniently change the intensity level anywhere from dreamy low-light to reviving brightness.

    Touch Control Color Temperature
    Accentuate your lifestyle, your look, and your wellbeing with color temperature settings. Create a relaxing atmosphere with warm white, or turn up the vibrancy for hair or makeup in cooler light.

    Touch Control Defogger
    Expect a clear view every time, with a mirror that remains clean and spotless after steamy showers. Séura’s defogger warms the mirror’s surface so there’s no need to wipe away drips and streaks or wait for the condensation to clear.

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    Five Star Rating
    “I could never go back to
    a normal mirror”

    Jill V.
    24” w x 36” h Allegro Lighted Mirrors

    Create a more personalized bathroom mirror
    • Choose your exact size.
    • Specify your preferred dimming configuration.
    • Select a different lighting design.
    • Enhance your vanity with tech add-ons like TVs.

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    Built to Order
    Each Séura mirror is crafted by hand in Green Bay, Wisconsin.