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Remote Start Specials!!!
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    Cerwin Vega3.5″ HED Speakers – H735

    Original price $49.99 - Original price $49.99
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    $49.99 - $49.99
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    H735 – 3.5″ HED Series Coaxial Car Speakers


    Loudness and clarity define HED SERIES SPEAKERS. With the most complete assortment of size ranges in the CERWIN- VEGA MOBILE SPEAKER line up, HED SERIES SPEAKERS has you covered. Options vary from 3.5” to 4” X 10” and whether you prefer 6” X 9” coaxials that are 2-WAY, 3-WAY, OR 4-WAY, there is no excuse to not to replace any inferior factory speaker with HED SERIES.


    Nominal Diameter inch (mm) 6*9(9.5″/241.3mm)
    Description 2- way concerntric
    Nominal Impedance(Ohms)
    Frequency Impedance(Hz) 45-23kHz
    Kapton voice coil Diameter-inch(mm) 1.4(35.55)
    Power Handling watts(Rms/peak) 125/500
    Free Air Resonamce (Hz) 46Hz
    Qts 0.783
    Vas-cu.ft.(Liter) 0.159(4.5)
    Sensitivity (1w/1m) 90.5dB
    Sensitivity(2.83v/1M) 93.5dB
    Xmax-inch(mm) 0.16(4)
    Mounting Diameter Inch/mm 8.875″/225.5mm*6.125″/155.6mm
    Mounting Depth inch/mm 3.875″/98.425
    Grill/Spacer Ring (B) Yes